Historical Overview

Fincas Don Martino created Baldomir under the premise of producing wines of the highest quality in small quantities.

Convinced to achieve our goal in 2013, Attilio Pagli joined our project as wine consultant.

The Baldomir philosophy is based on the search for wines that express and represent their terroir, trusting in the natural characteristics of each selected soil, for which a meticulous and thorough work is carried out in each vineyard. The great challenge is to obtain expressive wines, endowed with character and singularity.

Attilio Pagli


Attilio is one of the most recognized and respected Italian winemakers in the world.

He studied at the Agricultural Technical Institute of Siena, Italy, when oenology was still considered a technical career. He had the fortune to work under a Tuscany oenology legend: Giuli Gambelli, whom he considers his mentor.

Attilio first came to Mendoza with the purpose of creating a Sangiovese similar to those that made him famous in Italy, but he soon learned that Mendoza did not want to be Tuscany. Instead, he fell in love with the old Malbec vineyards.

Despite his two wines of 100 points in his personal record, he thinks that the personality of the Terroir is what inspires his dedication to oenology.

“I have the conviction that the winemaker has to help the producer to make his wine and not make wine from the winemaker”. Attilio Pagli.


Baldomir wines are produce at Fincas Don Martino winery under strict procedures and quality controls.
Located in Mayor Drummond, within the so-called “First Zone”, the oldest viticultural development of Mendoza province.
The winery dates back to 1901, was put into value in 2012 incorporating technology, adjusting the internal logistics, rescuing elements rooted in time and space as tools for environmental and cultural sustainability.
The winery Fincas Don Martino affirms the old successes maintaining the identity and harmoniously adds the infrastructure for the care demanded by the wines of the 21st century.


Baldomir Terroir Serie

The Baldomir Terroir Series wines are made with the purpose of showing the differences between grapes of the same strain from different areas; they stand out for their unique and unrepeatable characteristics, demonstrating the specific properties of soil, topography, climate and biodiversity. Terroir Series, a wine that reveals its origin and identity.

Baldomir | Terroir Vistalba

This expressive and irreproducible portion of Mendoza soil, rich in clays, transmits soft and round tannins in the mouth. Of intense blue color and black reflections. On the nose the aromas of black fruits stand out, such as figs, blackberries; aromas of plum jams are perceived, as well as notes of coffee, vanilla and chocolate. The palate is intense, with good volume and persistent. The excellent balance of the oak and the characteristics of this varietal make this a powerful, complex and meaty wine.

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Baldomir | Terroir La Consulta

Terroir native of Uco Valley, where the soils are mostly sandy and with great presence of mineral notes. Easy to appreciate wine, joins force with freshness, with vivid violet tones and deep blue tones. Fill the nosewith red fruits, stoked in the mouth. Powerfull, deep and irresisteble wine.

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Baldomir Gran

Baldomir Gran Malbec and Gran Blend are the greatest exponents of the Baldomir philosophy. Created under the premise of denoting the best of us, our essence, tastes and ideals.

Baldomir | Gran Blend

Our Blend presents a great coloring intensity of violet and deep black tones. The nose is elegant and delicate, aromas of black fruits, cassis, red fruits, raspberries, spices with an aromatic touch of red pepper, notes of chocolate, tobacco, smoke and cloves are appreciated. It has very good entry into the mouth, long body, is a unctuous and fatty wine. The personality of this blend is given by the excellent combination of the most notable characteristics of Malbec and Cabenet Franc, making it a discrete wine and maximum exponent of the philosophy of Fincas Don Martino. This wine was not subjected to any physical or chemical treatment. The stabilization is natural in order to preserve all the natural characteristics of the grape. It has not been subjected to filtering.

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Baldomir | Gran Malbec

Our Great Malbec presents an intense blue color with deep black tones. Its aromas are reminiscent of prune, ripe black fruits, accompanied by notes of tobacco, smoke, chocolate, product of its passage through oak. In the mouth it is a complete wine, it fills the mouth, unctuous, with a persistent and pleasant finish. It is the maximum exponent of Fincas Don Martino. This wine was not subjected to any physical or chemical treatment. The stabilization is natural in order to preserve all the natural characteristics of the grape. It has not been subjected to filtering.

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We produce the wines that we would treat our most precious friends, wines that are hard to forget; vinified in our own winery, working with social commitment, attention to detail that make the difference, with rigorous standards and processes with creativity and passion.